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Jul 1, 2011

Problem Catur : Chess Amateur, 1922

Mati dalam 2 langkah

If white plays 1.Ke6, black defends by 1...0-0. However, if he moved neither king nor rook in the last move, he must have moved the pawn that only can have come from g7, allowing 1.h5xg6 e.p.!. Now black, however, can say his last move was with king or rook. So he can't caslte anymore and white mates by 1.Ke6! and 2.Rd8 mate. In this case black can say, his last move was with the pawn and play 1...0-0. However, in this case - since the pawn only can come from g7 - white mates in two by 1.h5xg6 e.p.!. Then, however, black can protest and say, his last move was with king or rook and white can mate in two by 1.Ke6!. However, when he says his last move was with the pawn, he can castle. In this case, however, 1.h5xg6 e.p.!... you get the idea. It is mate in 2 but there's no way to prove how.

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