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Jul 1, 2011

Problem Catur : Shakhmatnaya Moskva 1970

8 Langkah Mati!

1.Rd1? fails to 1...Sd2! 2.Kxd2 gxh5 3.Sxh5 h1Q 4.Rxh1 Sg5 5.Kd3 Bf1+ 6.Rxf1 Sf3 7.Bd4+ Sxd4 8.Re1+ Se2 9.Rxe2 mate and white is just one move late. This is a proof how greatly this is constructed. 1.0-0-0! seems enough, but what if black defends by 1...axb2+ 2.Kxb2 Qb8+? Well, you won't see at the second - not even at the third - look, what white has to do. He must allow black to queen and not take the queen, even if disaster strikes at him. This is reminiscent to Sam Loyd's famous "Steinitz Gambit" (see below) but even more shocking. So: 1.0-0-0! axb2+! 2.Kc2! b1Q+ 3.Kc3!! Qb2+! 4.Kd3!! Qe2+! 5.Kxe2 f3+ 6.Ke1 and we arrived at a similar position like after 1.Rd1 but with f3 being blocked: 6...Sd2 7.Sd7+ Ke4 8.Bc2 mate

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