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Apr 27, 2011

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Chapter 1Order Of Operations, Integers, Rules of Exponents, Writing Expressions and Equations. (60 Pages)
Chapter 1:  Order of Operations, Integers, Exponents, etc.

Solving Multi-Step, Formula, Proportion, Absolute Value, and Square Root Equations and Inequalities.  (47 pages)
                           Chapter 2:  Solving Equations

Proportions, Percents, Percent Change, Proportional Reasoning and Dilations on the Plane. (14 pages)
                           Chapter 4:  Proportional Reasoning

Linear Equations.  Graphing, Slope, Slope-Intercept, Standard, and Point-Slope Forms. (48 pages)
                           Chapter 5:  Linear Equations

Functions.  Interpreting Graphs, Function Notation, and the Vertical Line Test. (13 pages)
                           Chapter 6:  Functions

Systems of Equations.  Graphing, Substitution, Elimination, and Systems of Inequalities. (39 pages)
                           Chapter 7:  Systems of Equations

Mid-Year Exam Review Materials and Practice Exams. Exam Prep.

Polynomials.  Divisibility, LCM, GCF, Distribution, FOIL, Factoring, Difference of Squares, Perfect Squares. (45 p)
                           Chapter 8: Polynomials

Exponential Growth.  Population, Money, Half-Life and Doubling Time. (10 pages)
                           Chapter 9: Exponential Growth

Quadratics.  Graphing and Solving Quadratics. (41 p)
Chapter 10:  Quadratics.
Scatter Plots.  Using the TI-83 to determine the line of best fit.  Recognizing types of data. (8 pages)
                           Chapter 10+:  Scatter Plots

Radicals and the Pythagorean Theorem. (27 pages)
Chapter 11:  Pythagorean Theorem

Area and Volume.  Circles, Polygons, Surface Area, Volume.
                           Chapter 12: Area and Volume 
                           Chapter 12:  Area and Volume Abbreviated

8th Grade NC EOG Review.  (20 pages, 120+ items)
Also see NC DPI Sample Items
                           Chapter 13:  EOG Review and Topics

Algebra NC EOC Review. (16 pages, 100+ items and 9 EOC topic reviews.)
                           Also see NC DPI Sample Items
                           Chapter 14:  EOC Review Questions
                           Chapter 14:  EOC Review Topics

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