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Apr 27, 2011

Download Materi Geometry dari

Chapter 1Defining Terms.  An introduction to the vocabulary of Geometry.  (20 pages)
                           Chapter 1:  Defining Terms

Patterns and functions, finding the nth term, angle diagrams. (23 pages)
                           Chapter 2:  Reasoning

Compass-and-Straight-Edge Geometric Constructions.
(20 pages)
                           Chapter 3: Geometric Constructions

Triangle Congruence, Shortcuts, and Proofs. (23 pages)   
Chapter 4: Triangles

Polygons and Polygon Properties. (23 pages)
Chapter 5: Polygons

Circles and Circle Properties. (30 pages)
Chapter 6: Circles

Area:  Polygons, Circles, Geometric Probability, and Surface Area.  Introductory Pythagorean Theorem. (26)
                           Chapter 8:  Area

The Pythagorean Theorem.  Special Right Triangles, Distance Formula, Applications. (24 pages)
                           Chapter 9:  Pythagorean Theorem  and Intro Lesson

Solid Geometry:  Volume of Prisms, Cylinders, Pyramids, Cones, and Combinations. (24 pages)
                           Chapter 10:  Solid Geometry

Similarity.  Similar Triangles, Angle Bisector Theorem, Indirect Measurement. (26 pages)
                           Chapter 11:  Similarity

Trigonometry.  Sin, Cos, Tan, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Applications. (19 pages)
                           Chapter 12:  Trigonometry

Proofs.  Definitions, Postulates, Theorems and Conditionals. (11 pages)
                           Chapter 13:  Proofs

Plane Transformations.  Translations, Reflections, Rotations, and Dilations.  Matrix Applications. (13 pages)
                           Chapter 14:  Plane Transformations

Chapter 15End of Course Test Preparation Problem Sets.
Skills Review.  An assortment of short problem sets. (10)
                           Chapter 15:  EOC Preparation  Also: DPI sample items.

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