Matematika :

Nov 28, 2011

Soal latihan Matematika : PIMS Grade 7

1. Every whole number larger than the number 1 has at least 2 factors : the number itself and the number 1. Find the sum of all the factors of 33.

2. In the diagram, a circle of radius 6 is internally tangent at P to a circle of radius 8. PQ is a diameter of the larger circle, QR is tangent to the smaller circle, and OR is a radius of the smaller circle. Find the area of the triangle OQR.

3. A bicycle wheel covers a distance of 45 metres when it makes 25 revolutions. How many revolutions are needed to cover a distance of 99 metres?

4. In a certain sequence, a1 < 0, a2 > 0, and a3 > 0.
For n > 2 , an = an-1 + an-2 .
Two consecutive terms of the sequence have values of 29 and 47.
Find the value of a1 + a2 + a3 .

5. Nick received a sum of money as a present for his 13-th birthday. 2/5 of that sum was spent on computer games, 1/2 of the remainder was spent on healthy snacks, and the rest was saved. Nick spent 11 dollars more on computer games than he spent on snacks. How much money (in dollars) did he save?

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