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Nov 29, 2011

Soal Latihan Matematika : Taiwan Imso - 2005

1. A foundation has allocated a certain amount of money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in a competition. The money is divided in the ratio of 32 where the larger amount is for the 1st prize and the smaller amount is divided again in the ratio of 32 for the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively. It becomes known that the 3rd prize is $3300 less than the first prize. How much is the 2nd prize?

2. Three man and three children arrive at the river where there is a small boat that will hold one adult or two children. What is the minimum number of trips across the river in either direction to get the family across?

3. Mr. Sun has a broken calculator. When just turned on, it displays 0. If the + key is pressed, it adds 35. If thekey is pressed, it subtracts 35. If the × key is pressed, it adds 91. If the ÷ key is pressed, it subtracts 91. The other keys do not function. Mr. Sun turns the calculator on. What is the number closest to 2005 that he can get using this calculator?

4. There are 500 unit cubes. As many of these cubes as needed are glued together to form the largest possible cube which looks solid from any point on the outside but is hollow inside. What is the side length of the largest cube?

5. What is the ratio of the shaded square to that of the largest square shown in the diagram?

6. A three-digit number N leaves remainder 3 when divided by 7, remainder 5 when divided by 11 and remainder 8 when divided by 17. What is the number N ?

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